TMP Systems has worked on projects involving a wide array of continents, including all of the countries shown here. What we have done in each of them is listed below, by continent. 

Our client base is similarly broad, including institutions in the United Kingdom, United States, Switzerland, Brazil, Kenya and Indonesia.


We are based in the United Kingdom and do work there across all business lines. Our work in Switzerland only involves our Asset Management line, both in developing systems and conducting risk analysis of political, social and environmental issues.

In Scandinavia, we have mostly been active on our Climate & Ecosystems and Economic Development sides, primarily via projects involving Norway and Sweden's overseas development assistance objectives.

Our work in France is focused on evaluating nuclear power's viability as a climate-friendly source of energy. Our work in Italy also relates to energy (solar), but is not currently active.


Our activity in the United States is mostly related to our Asset Management work, primarily in private equity and ESG analysis. We also have some clients based in America with whom we collaborate via our Climate & Ecosystems and Economic Development work. In Canada, our work has been entirely related to public policy on climate change and deforestation.


At present, our most aggressive expansion is in Africa, where our interest is in promoting solutions from our Climate & Ecosystems and Economic Development teams. Our field work includes Benin, Cameroon, Kenya and Tanzania, and our team has additional experience in Malawi, Nigeria and Zambia.

Generally, our objective is to implement and expand models for the finance of sustainable land use, although we also have a burgeoning interest in issues related to land and resource rights. Interested parties should contact Kpop Yangye for more detail.

The sole exception to this are the Congo Basin countries, where our current work is exclusively related to community forestry enterprises. For more information about this, please contact Sophia Murday.


We are extremely active across Asia in all three business lines. For the Asset Management work, our focus has been developing investment systems for renewable energy and developing unique structures for executing real assets transactions in Indonesia and Australia. We have done some minor work related to Malaysia.

For our Climate & Ecosystems and Economic Development work, we have conducted field evaluations in Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Nepal, the Philippines and Vietnam. We are experienced in rural areas, especially anything involving off-grid energy, agriculture or forestry.

We are currently evaluating expansion of our efforts into India, including a process of field visits to Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Kerala and Gujarat. Our focus is on rural areas and technology development. Interested parties should contact Benedick Bowie for more information.


Our previous work in Latin America has been mostly to do with Climate & Ecosystems, especially where deforestation is concerned. We have significant expertise related to Brazil. Interested parties should contact Leonardo Pradela for more information.

Recently, our Economic Development work has expanded to examination of conflicts over land and resource rights. We are also examining specific opportunities related to smallholder enterprises in Peru, based on exposure to similar efforts in southern Mexico.

We have also evaluated Asset Management clients' proposals in Peru and Paraguay. All of these were in agriculture.