New name, new site, new wombats.

Since we started doing business in 2009, my partners, employees and I have had an ongoing internal debate about how to answer a seemingly simple question:

“What does your company do?”

We have generally let our work speak for us and been reluctant to talk about our projects to the outside world. We speak occasionally at events and talk to journalists on background, but overall, remain pretty tight-lipped about what we do.

I've come to realize that we need to change, and today, we’re renaming the company TMP Systems. We're also launching this website to provide a detailed description of our three business lines and what kinds of work we do within them - as well as more information about who does that work.

Part of this is because I’ve realized that it’s important for our employees to be able to tell their friends and relatives what kind of company they work for and what that company does. It’s hard to work as hard as they do for very little public credit, harder still to explain to Uncle Jerry at the family barbecue that you left UBS or IBM to do...ummm...interesting stuff.

Our clients also need to be able to explain TMP Systems clearly to their colleagues. This is in our interest: when explaining why we deserve a contract, it no doubt helps to have a coherent articulation of what the company does. We want to give more support in that area. 

More broadly, we're also a business with a social agenda, and our work on climate, ecosystems and economic development is important to us. We found that anonymity makes it hard for our solutions to inspire better thinking that uses our work as a foundation. And it's also unfair - after all, we benefit from others' willingness to put their ideas into the public pool and ought to contribute more to that kind of dynamic.

All of this to say that we'll be coming out of our shell here on the blog to talk about some of the issues we’re working on. That’s the reason for this blog, a lot of which I’ll be writing myself with assistance from our new editor Ed Targett, who joins us from Roubini Global Economics.

We think the blog will be useful and fun to those of you who work in our areas of expertise. And I will not be above sharing the occasional baby wombat film (seriously, click that, so cute).

Thanks for reading. Talk soon.