Tenure-related disputes are becoming more common and they pose significant financial risks to project and their backers. But even those experience to operating in challenging operating environments often need help to know how to avoid and resolve these disputes.

In the following links, you can find guidance on how to identify and manage tenure risk in five sectors:

If you would like help with IAN Diligence and its implementation please contact Ben.Bowie@tmpsystems.net.

At the heart of each of these sector-specific toolkits is a set of Key Questions that help with sensitive processes like stakeholder mapping, consultation, grievance mechanisms, social impact assessments and monitoring. Where handled correctly these processes can help build consent and support for the project as well as trust in its backers.

IAN Diligence also provides guidance on how to go about "Answering the Key Questions" in an effective and affordable way. In short, the tools allow companies and investors to acquire and interpret the data and partnerships they need to make informed decisions and take responsible actions.

These recommendations are based on our analysis of over 400 cases of dispute (see map below). This study has been complemented by a comprehensive review of relevant literature and the lessons from TMP's own experience with ESG diligence.