We develop economic and technological systems that improve the efficiency and impact of aid and philanthropic spending.

We also help make public investments sustainable; ensuring that they both produce results which are both of interest to private investors and good value to the public.

TMP develops these solutions in partnership with investors, governments, companies, research institutions, foundations and non-profits. A sample of our work is below.


=> Collaborated with CIFOR and Sida on the establishment of the Landscape Fund, a completely new approach to investing in sustainable agriculture, forestry and its associated processing infrastructure. We are currently conducting implementation work for this project in India, Peru, the Philippines and Tanzania.

=> Worked with the Rights and Resources Initiative to develop a geospatial analysis of the risks associated with land rights conflicts in emerging market concession investments. Determined that the risks were significant enough to warrant a new diligence and risk analysis approach under a UK DFID program, which we will share beginning from September 2015. 

=> Collaborated with ICRAF to develop an analysis of agroforestry systems' financial viability in Cameroon, Indonesia, Peru and Vietnam under a program funded by Norad. Determined that private capital was not a near-term option for these systems, and the most efficient approach was to prioritize conditional public investment in systems.

=> Developed Dryad, a completely new approach to financing community forest enterprises. Its core is a technology-driven monitoring system that allows donors to see the results of their investments more easily, and provides a basis for incentive payments to be delivered to these enterprises.