We develop long-term, commercial investment systems in the energy, land use and carbon sectors focused on steady, genuinely sustainable returns. These returns can be IRR for private investors or social goods for public investors.

Since we think that it is very possible that the world will start to see breakdowns in the systems that deliver basic goods like food and energy within the next couple of decades, this means our models differ to existing ones.  Below are some examples.


=> Designed an end-to-end system for investment in carbon reduction across the energy sector, focusing on the needs of G7 pension funds lacking intermediate-term assets, the returns on which match their liabilities. 

=> Produced a detailed analysis of land-based carbon markets, concluding that they were unlikely to achieve the desired impact on emissions from tropical deforestation due to significant flaws in the asset class' composition. We are currently working on a design for carbon pricing that addresses these issues, which will be released in November of 2015.

=> In 2013, produced a robust analysis of the risks associated with investment in coal and advised interested parties (foundations and NGOs) on how to use these arguments to stop the construction of new coal plants. Our arguments have been largely substantiated by subsequent events in the sector.

=> Produced a first-look analysis at how to facilitate investment in Indonesia's promising but laggard geothermal sector by pooling operational risks from exploration and drilling failures using a shared-services model. We remain active on this project.

=> In 2013, worked with the Fundo Brasileiro pela Biodiversidade to propose a new investment approach to combat Amazonian deforestation. Subsequent increases in the deforestation rate of that area have confirmed how urgently such an approach is needed.