Cases of dispute between private sectors actors and local people over land and natural resources rights are the cornerstone of IAN. The larger this sample is, the better our understanding of tenure risk becomes.

We would like to invite interested parties to use the form provided below to submit case studies of disputes. These will then be vetted by TMP Systems to ensure relevance, reliability and the availability of information. Once this assessment is complete, TMP Systems will add the case to the database.

At the beginning of each quarter the analysis of the whole body of cases will be updated and provided here. The form is anonymous but if you are happy to leave your contact details, TMP Systems can contact you to gather any requisite information.

We understand that you have limited time and information to share with us. But we would be very grateful if you can be as precise as possible. This makes the vetting process more straightforward, increasing the speed and likelihood of your case being included.

Our aim is to produce a comprehensive and powerful database of tenure-related disputes. Please help us to achieve it.